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Here is the wrap up on the 2011 Season


Events for 2011

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Client Comments




Elizabeth & Bryan

October 8, 2011 The Scottish Rite Center Portland, OR

Catering: In House, Katering by Kurt

Photographer: Ben Wood Photography

Cake: Thriftway in Garden Home

"Jill was awesome. She was incredibly flexible and accommodating in playing the music that we wanted our guests to hear. She kept things moving at a good pace, kept people on the dance-floor with a well-structured list of fast/slow songs, and she didn't play any of the super-cheesy wedding songs. I was very happy with the fact that she didn't talk a lot on the microphone as many wedding DJs do -- I've been to weddings where the DJ basically sings the song as it plays, "a little bit softer now, a little bit softer now." That's annoying. Jill let the music do the talking. She showed up to the wedding on time and was ready to do her thing. I thought her fee was fair and I was happy to pay for the service rendered. I've recommended her to others and will continue to do so."

- Bryan Aug 2012



Kim & Tim

October 1, 2011 The Treasury Ballroom Portland, OR

Event Planning & Catering: Vibrant Table




Emily & Michael

September 17, 2011 Mt, Hood Organic Farm, Hood River, OR

Catering: Orchard House (exclusive to the venue)

Photographer: Mathew Brush Photography

Pies: The Pie Spot

Florist (and paper goods): Steel Blooms

Hair: Patti Green

Makeup: Patricia at Gorge Brides

"Jill did a fabulous job of keeping the day going smoothly and our guests on the dance floor! From the ceremony's late start to a cooler than expected evening, Jill made sure that all of our unexpected surprises weren't an issue for anyone. We were sad to call it a night - everyone would have danced for hours longer!"

- Emily, Aug 2012


Sheri & Jeremy

September 10, 2011 Alderbrook Park, Vancouver, WA

Photographer: Peter Lukaszenko

Video: Hybrid Moon

Bar: My Bartender

Cake & Cookies: Le Cookie Monkey

Flowers: Flowers by Wendy

Rentals: Barclay Events PDX

Event Planner: Black Swan Events



Maryrose & Dave

September 3, 2011 Private home in Newburg, OR

Caterer: Claey's Catering

Florist: Françoise Weeks

Photographer: Anne Adams Photography

Rentals: Party Pros (coordinated by Claeys Catering)

Cakes: Christina Rockweit (my sister) of Art Restaurant at Four Seasons - Seattle

Dress: AniA Collection

Hair & Makeup: Shayna Meyer of Soul Scissors


Asik & Charlie

August 20, 2011 Private home in Dayton, OR

Photographer: David Barss Photography



Jen & Ryan

August 13, 2011 Duckridge Farm, Portland, OR

Caterer: Robin Kelly from Ribbon Ridge Winery

Florist: Solabee Florist

Photographer: Honeysuckle Photography

"Ryan and I loved working with Jill. She is fun, creative and really easy going! She knows exactly what is needed and helped guide us all along the way. And after the event everyone told us they loved the music she played and thought she did a really great job! We couldn't agree more! Thank you Jill!"

- Jen, Aug 2011


ELizabeth & Jef

August 6, 2011 Hotel Deluxe, Portland, OR

In House Caterer: Gracie's



Erika & Isaac

July 23, 2011 De Armond Gardens, Hillsboro OR

Caterer: Devil's Food

Florist: Geranium Lake Flowers

Photographer: Erica Ann

Live Music: Effesenden Trio

Party Favor: Fliptography

"Jill was amazing! My husband and I love to dance, and love a very eclectic mix of music. We had been to so many weddings where the music ruined the evening, and we did not want that to happen to us. Luckily, we chose Jill Wyman, because her music ended up making the evening! She was so aware of the crowd, and knew just when to change the tempo, throw in an upbeat song, or take it down for a slow dance. She did not play anything we didn't like, and did a great job of balancing our love of country, pop, rock and top 40. What made the evening so magical was that everyone - young and old - danced till the party ended. She knew just how to keep everyone excited via the music. Finally, what I loved about Jill was that, while her music was front and center, she was very behind the scenes. You might not even have noticed her, and she did not try to bring her own style to our wedding. She kept our wedding ours, and focused on making sure the dance floor was always going strong!"

- Erika, Sept 2011


Jeff's 60th Birthday Party

July 9nd, 2011 Duckridge Farm Portland, OR

Caterer: Robin Kelly from Ribbon Ridge Winery

Jeff is the owner & Architect of the property


Caitlin & Nick

July 2nd, 2011 Athletic Club of Bend, Bend, OR

Caterer: In House, Scanlon's

Event & Florist Planner: An Affair To Remember

Photographer: Shawn Ingersoll Photography

Live Music: Effesenden Trio

Party Favor: Fliptography

"Jill was a great DJ. She kept the music flowing perfectly throughout the evening from ceremony to dance floor; we loved it all and general atmosphere created by her."

- Caitlin July 2011


Molly & Matt

June 25, 2011 SkyLine Farms Portland, OR

Caterer: Meriwether's Restaurant

Event Planner: Soiree

Photographer: The Art of Joy

Florist: Punch

Live Music - Guitarist: Eric Skye

"Jill was a great choice to DJ our wedding. She simplified the process by providing a comprehensive planning checklist in order to get a good idea of our tastes. She incorporated a list of our "must-have" songs, but also made great choices for the remainder of the night. As soon as the dancing started the floor was packed all night! She was on time, prepared, and professional."

- Molly Aug 2012


Rhonda & Trung

June 18, 2011 Lakeside Garden, Portland, OR

Caterer: In House

Florist: Geranium Lake Flowers

Photographer: Kate Kelly Photography

"Thank you again for all your professional services and advice. It made the night a bit less stressful for us!!"

- Trung, June 2011





Catie & Josh

May 28, 2011 World Forestry Center, Miller Hall Portland, OR

Photographer: Lauren Brooks Photography

Caterer: Dalton's Northwest Catering

Florist: Teagan Lee Milera

Live Music: Harp and Violin by Elisa Boynton and Valerie Blessley

"I again want to say how happy we were with your work as our wedding DJ. We have in fact referred you to friends/family who are planning to marry in the near future. Additionally, I attended 3 other weddings this summer and no one was even close to as talented as you. Thank you again!"

- Catie, May 2011

Upon referral from Catie for my services to her co-worker:

"As I told you before, my husband and I were so happy and impressed with your work. Since our wedding over a year ago we've had the opportunity to attend other weddings and you still reign supreme as the best DJ we've encountered. Hope all is well :)"

- Catie, Aug 2012




I may not be a 'guy in a tux' and I do not wish to be a 'talk-show host'... I am at your event to make it the best it can be.

I have an eye and ear for the details and work to make sure the important musical parts of your day come off without a hitch.

I will work with your coordinator, vendors, family and friends to make a completely seamless day. I will make any announcements you may need. I can help with coordination of events.

I know what your guests may be expecting from the day and how to manage that with what you would like to have happen. I do this all while working to play great (not kitschy) music. Music that will make you & your guests have a great time!

- Jill



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